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Country Life's Gentlemanly Commandments

Monday June 2, 2014

Gentlemanly Commandments

  1. A gentleman is at ease in any situation - and puts others at their ease
  2. A gentleman is always on time
  3. A gentleman dresses to suit the occasion
  4. A gentleman will eat anything that's put in front of him - but, left to his own devices, is happiest with unfussy fare such as omelettes and shepard's pie
  5. A gentleman makes love on his elbows
  6. A gentleman will occasionally be drunk - but never disorderly
  7. A gentleman doesn't flash his cash and is mindful of others' financial circumstances when choosing a restaurant or booking group holiday
  8. A gentleman is more interested in finding out how you are than in telling you about himself
  9. A gentleman's word is his bond
  10. A gentleman can talk to anyone

A Gentleman Never....

  • Sports a pre-tied bow-tie
  • Drinks Malibu
  • Buys fuchsia trousers
  • Tweets
  • Puts products in his hair
  • Wears Lycra
  • Writes with a Biro
  • Forgets his wristwatch
  • Plants gladioli
  • Walks out on a play
  • Owns a cat
  • Finishes food before everyone else
  • Has a speedboat
  • Adheres too strictly to sets of rules such as this one


Country Life, April 23, 2014

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